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“We always take the long view in designing a logo so that it is contemporary enough to reflect its moment yet not so trendy as to appear dated before its time.”

Steff Geissbuhler


Brand identity, Website development

A confident new identity for an expert charity CRM consultancy to propel the business into its bright future.

The new Mast identity is part of a wider strategic development plan to drive business growth and focus more closely on serving more of the UKs top 100 charities and membership organisations.

Uniting the team around a strong purpose and creating clear positioning that inspires action were two key areas of focus. Creating a brand is a journey and with a small, close-knit team, engaging each person to hear their point of view is vital to get buy-in from the people who are going to be responsible for living the brand out. For Mast, we interviewed each employee, ran a team brand workshop making the people on the inside a key part of the process.

Mast stops insufficient systems from stifling efficiency and holding organisations back from growth. Through hands on CRM consultancy and implementation, they bring transformation to organisations, allowing them to get back to their mission.

Sublime produced a brand strategy and identity, developed a new website and we continue to consult on B2B lead generation and marketing to propel the brand into action.

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Tell us about your project

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